What We Do

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Ýstanbul clothing is surrounded by a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers in Turkey to meet and satisfy various inquiries of its clients. Being in good relations with manufacturers and brands, we have our very own chain to conduct your needs of any kind of apparel for

women, men and children such as

blouses, skirts, dress’, coats, jackets, suits, trousers, shirts, underwear, jeans, leather, t-shirts, even bridals and tuxedos ( and not mentioned many others) starting from

any small size like to any big size you wish, in any combination of sets and quantities.

These may be;

- made of knitted or woven fabric,
- in any construction and design,
- of any fibre content ( cotton, wool, linen ),
- on any dye and wash process,
- decorated by attractive prints and embroidery or with the lace according to your taste.

We have been working with private brand holders/wholesalers/retailers/chain stores/department stores/boutique chains/distributors and agencies, we have the flexibility of any kind of possible apparel business.

Whether you are a partner needing sourcing and production for your own collection, a retailer requiring to merchandise from wholesalers' ready collections with their or your private label, a label holder trying to expand your market or even a small specialty store in needs of a boutique label, we have something for you.

We would like to introduce you to the manufacturers meeting your needs of fashion and following up your production process’ and reporting you daily, which makes us a strong bridge between you and your collection.

Matching the companies as perfect as possible basing on the quality, cost, product groups, quantities ...etc. makes istanbul clothing a reliable liaison agency on fashion business in Turkey.

We provide a complete production package and will be in daily contact with you to monitor your order.

Following up exactly the demands of the partner requires also approvals, samples and reports, to move safely to the next step. This includes: showroom, proto, sales, pre-production samples and reports, status reports, WIP ( work in process ) reports, weekly inspection reports, shipment reports, total order reports, final inspection reports, as well as the reports of any steps of production ( such as color, fitting, cutting, sewing, printing and embroidery, accessories, packing, ironing ). You will be informed for any piece of doubt to spoil the process, but also capable to use the best judgement.

Briefly list of our services are as follows;

1. Matching you with the proper production unit according to your needs. You might have your own collection and be needing a proper unit to get it manufactured. We will be there for you offering various options according for your needs. If you want to increase your turnover, reduce costs or make strategic investments you need some research information. This means that we ensure your company is matched with the right manufacturers to meet your needs. We continuously analyse market trends and regularly visit the manufacturers to ensure that our information is the most current. We even start from sketches, prepare your collection and send the samples. We search the market for the lowest cost, highest quality and shortest production and delivery time. We present a group of samples for you to choose the most suitable supplier. When you decide on the supplier we pass on your instructions and ensure that they are complied with to the full and that your order is successfully delivered.

When it comes to securing your purchases we offer two options:

a) We can take your product details and find the manufacturer who best meets your expectations; supplying you with samples and prototypes, undertaking quality assurance checks and liaising with the manufacturer throughout.

b) We can organise your trips to the manufacturers. Assisting you with all aspects of your visit to Turkey; arranging and accompanying you on visits to manufacturers, helping you to determine the optimum quality, price and terms for your agreement with the manufacturer.

2. Purchase trips in the market to buy ready made collections. You might be looking for ready "cash and carry" products. We will be conducting trips in wholesaler zones according to your product type. Wholesalers we represent, producing and selling their own label have their own collections ( Spring - summer, Autumn – winter as main and small inter-season ranges like X-mas ) where they add new supportive items to day by day.

3. You might be a private label, trying to expand your market in other countries. You either can be a wholesaler or a manufacturer of your own label and wishing to increase your sales. Our international marketing team is ready for you.

4. You might already be getting your collection produced in Turkey. We will be there for you to monitor and to control the process'.

5. Your other needs of fabrics and yarns, search for leftover/stocklots/clearance in Turkish apparel world, produced for the main chainstores in the world.

Simply, working between as a worldwide consultancy for the manufacturers in our d-base and as a mediator for the foreign demands.