What We Do

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Steps of Our Service

Step 1. Understanding the needs of our clients & Finding the most suitable manufacturer

After getting ideas and feedbacks from you, our customer representatives start out a research for the most suitable manufacturers to meet your needs and standarts such as:

- Financial strength

- Technical abilities

- Factory layout , equipment , personel and productivity

- Sampling unit

- Vendorís strength and reputation in dealing with customers based on years of experience and interaction

- Compliance

- Quick delivery

Our team of experts in the field are constantly looking for the best people, best suppliers and factories to do business and classifying them basing on their price range, quality standarts, lead times, payment terms and etc.

Step 2. Sample, Development & Pricing

Having completed our research, we offer you all the information about the fabrics, prices, minimum order quantities, lead times with alternatives. After having decided on the qualities and details, we offer you finished garments prices for the chosen qualities. As all details are brought to word and table, we confirm the order and give a start your official purchase order.

We are well experienced in meeting the demands of our customers at new developments in a very short time. We always research new products and designs / techniques to help our buyers to compete in their markets.

*** Your new season collection specs, ideas or samples (if there is) are submitted to us. After we study on the specs and the samples and learn the number of SMS, we decide about the appropriate manufacturer to place the sampling to.

We develop the accessories and your protos are carefully prepared and sent back to you, with different fabric and look.

After getting your feedbacks and fit comments, SMS are prepared in chosen fabric, color, quality and accessories, with applying your amendments. We deliver the salesman samples (if requested) in 4-5 weeks (depending on the type of garment) with the final look and qualities.

Step 3. Confirmation with the client

After order placement, each sample (fit samples, ad samples, size sets, pre-production samples, production samples, shipment and ironing samples as well ) is checked by our sample qc's before we send to our customers for approval.

Step 4. Production & Quality assurance: ( Checking the production at each step, according to ISO STANDARTS AQL LEVEL 4.0. )

Your official purchase order is the first step of the production. We immediately inform our manufacturer about the order and all details. Our professional team including textile engineers follows up and makes sure all fabrics and trims are being executed as ordered. Fabrics of each dyelot are tested at our office and ITS as well for color fastness, crocking and dimensional stability at pre-production stage. Production can not start before getting our approval on production fabrics. The customer representatives who are in charge on the follow up check the status of approvals and production daily with all factories, qc team and customers to assure a smooth and on time production. Production status of the orders are reported to our customers on daily e-mails.

Our inline quality assurance occurs on a daily basis by our own qc people who are located at the factories, responsible from the quality and reporting daily to our office in Istanbul. In case of unexpected problems, you are notified by us with alternative solutions. Final inspection is always done by our qcís and AQL reports ( accepted quality leve ) are sent to the customers before the shipments are effected.

***Your official purchase order (P/O) is the first step of the production. We immediately inform our manufacturer about the order and all it's details. We carefully check production body colours before the fabric is cut, as well as prints, buttons, zippers, labels etc. Fabrics are tested for shrinkage and twisting. Pre-Production size sets are controlled by our technicians and sent prior to cutting process for your approval. All pre-production samples' measurements are controlled in detail to make sure that the garments measure to size spec.

After the approval of the pre-production samples, cutting, printing/embroidery stitching, laundry (if required), quality control, and ironing/packing processes are completed. Our inline quality assurence happen on a daily basis for each phase.

In case of unexpected problems, you are notified with alternative solutions.

After the final quality control, goods are shipped and all relevant documents will be faxed to you.

It is very important for us to meet our leadtimes with the promised, high quality labour, details and finish.

***in collection & production processes with our experienced team occured from merchandisers and technicians & quality controllers.

Step 5. Compliance & Final inspection

We fully understand that our customers are not only looking for quality and value but are also concerned about how the products are made. Compliance is a key element along every step of our manufacturing process and we ensure the factories we are doing business are rated as per customers compliance programs.

Step 6. Ensuring the shipment on time

All letter of credits are opened to us and transferred to the factories. Bookings and export documents are checked based on L/C conditions by our export department at our office before the shipments are effected and e-mailed to you before documents are presented to the bank making sure that the entire process from the factory door to port of destination is smooth. Customers are informed with documents delivery notifications both to themselves and to their banks to speed up the clearance and payment process. We ensure everything is processed properly and as quickly as possible from sample dispatching to order delivery. We make sure all necessary documents are prepared trouble-free and according to custom regulations. We keep you informed at all stages and answer your queries promptly.

As an Agency, our role & responsibilities can be summarized as :

- Sourcing the different qualities, styles for our customers according to their requests. Efficient fabric, accessories and trim sourcing, Suitable supplier sourcing for related garment.

- Creative collection; Updated info about latest trends

- Preparing samples for customers

- Price analysis & justification, creating the best cost, delivery date & quality alternative.

- Follow-up of the any sampling & any order in terms of scheduling & quality

- Establishing the communication between the customer & factories to get a better understanding of customerís needs & requirements

- Physical check of all the goods at each step of production

- Follow up of all shipment & documentation

- Reliable timing on delivery

We ensure that your production is placed flawless to provide the best quality and competitively priced apparel. Our goal is to provide the highest quality to all of our customers.

Our Working Policy and How We Work As A Leading Company In The Sector:

Before the beginning of the collection period, we get the planned qualities for inspection from the designers of our customers and send back the samples within a short time together with the necessary information (price, delivery date, minimums, etc.) If desired, we carry out this analysis together with the designers in Istanbul. The enquiries are carried out not only at clothing manufacturers, but also at suppliers and importers of fabric and yarn. Once the qualities are detected, we receive the sketches and send our customers within a short time the first prototypes (3 weeks). Contrary to the customary, prototypes are sent always with prices. Upon request, prices are collected from different suppliers for a direct comparison of price with output.

Once the commentaries about the prototypes and the instructions for the salesman samples are received, the production of the collection will be passed on to the desired supplier. In this phase, our customers receive regularly (weekly/daily) information from us about the course and development of the production.

After the final control, the collection will be sent to the customer. The control of documents and transmission of these to the customers is realized immediately afterwards.

We consider the collection period as a test for the production and based on our experience try to foresee and prevent beforehand any problems that might come up during production.

Once the block orders are taken in, they will be placed with the desired supplier in arrangement with the customers. We take care that the suppliers order all the necessary raw materials in time and inform us/you about it, so that a punctual production start can be realized as accurately as possible.

The size sets are prepared as soon as possible according to instructions, and parallel to this, lab-dips, print cuts or cord samples are prepared as well and sent to our customers for confirmation.

The production begins after the size sets and production fabrics are determined finally. Our technicians attach great importance to it that all wash-tests are carried out before cutting. They also visit the suppliers or their subcontractors during the production daily and follow as well as support the processing and development of production. Our customers receive in the meantime a production status at least once a week or several times.

Our customers receive a delivery sample from us before the delivery and once this sample is confirmed and the final control is realized by our technicians, the delivery will be released.

Our merchandisers in the office organize all steps, while the technicians control the technical details of the production. At the end, the delivery will be handed over to the desired carrier. Documents, packing list, invoice, consignment note, ATR, etc. are controlled by our merchandisers and are sent together with the translations of the final control report by fax to our customers on time.

If You Want a Faster Solution:

We can also suggest you some finished products and send samples of our suppliers' own collections. You just specify your needs in a clear way and we just find and make it ready for you.

Send us your samples, sketches or written specifications (and also your target price if you have) with all the necessary technical information and we will match your needs with the suitable supplier from Turkey for the best result.

We have also a design team who are able to create models and finished products conform to the style and soul of your brands.

Some of Our Advantages:
- Flexibility in quantities
- Collection Support
- Short Delivery Time
- Quality Assurance
- Strict Follow Up; Quality control at any level of production.
- Competitive prices, high quality
- Reliable service.