What We Do

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Outward oriented dynamic economy and free trade in both exports and imports.
Geographical advantage of being neighbor to the European, Balkan and Middle Eastern Countries as well as the New Independent States.
Foreign policy aimed at establishing friendly relations with all countries.
Integration of the Turkish economy with the world economic system due to the establishment of a Customs Union with the European Union and being a founding member of the World Trade Organization.
Dynamic society with approximately 72.9 million people.
Abundant trained labor force, managerial manpower and professional business people.
Competitive manufacturing industry due to availability of raw materials, technological developments and abolishment of state intervention.
Being one of the few countries in world which is self sufficient in food supplies due to its good ecological condition.
Possessing rich mineral resources.
Technologically improved banking and telecommunication system and well developed infrastructure.

Code of Ethics, terms & conditions, role & responsibilities

We shall always

- act in accordance with the principles of good faith and fair dealing towards both customers' and the manufacturers'.

- constantly work to establish long lasting business relationships between manufacturers and customers.

- ensure that the best possible level of communication and understanding is attained between manufacturers and customers.

- recognize their business activities as an imperative part of the all production processes.

- constantly save and improve the image of the commercial agency profession.

- pay particular attention to all global human rights compliances.

- be aware the role of competitive prices, high quality and short lead times in combination with a flexible production structure to create exclusive collections.

- satisfy our customers in the fastest, reliable and most sincere manner.

- offer full service, effective communication, strong customer service and support to our clients.

- show our ability to evaluate every step from the customer's point of view, there are no limits to the expectations.

- ensure that your needs and expectations are met and that you are entirely satisfied with the process from initial enquiry to receipt of goods.

- commit to conduct the codes of business in an ethical, legal, and moral manner.

- find the most suitable and efficient solutions for our partner.

- follow up the production from the sampling steps and the mass order is placed till it is shipped.

- work in close long-term partnerships with all of our clients by having first-hand knowledge of their needs and requirements.

- believe that the key to successful business and managing great projects is people and their ability to work in harmony with their customers.

- provide convenience for our customers through a total value package.

- focused on the details keep the quality, costs and delivery under control.

- know that fashion is changing and not stable.

- keep an eye on and stop before it happens.

On the other hand, we have to watch for the manufacturers, who needs to be paid quite completely on time directly proportional to their quality and timing.

You will always be informed about the production status. Our system of step by step sampling/approval/report always keeps us, you and the manufacturer safe, to move to the next process. The order will always be produced flawless as you wished, according to your directives, mails and approved samples or our best judgement. Acting as your eyes-conscience-hands in Turkey, all shipments will be done in our presence, information and confirmation. Thus the payment will always be transfered according to this principle and our reports. Should you want your own inspectors in needs of QC, all has to be present before our reports of approval and confirmation of shipment.